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Box Drill

Hi all, I hope you all enjoyed my angle of attack article and seen some improvements, this week I will be helping you by giving you a drill to help you feel a positive or ascending angle of attack in a driver swing.

Golf lessons coaching Auckland North Shore Miss the Box

You have probably heard by now it's to your advantage to hit up on the ball with a driver, but how to you achieve this without a Trackman or a FlightScope? Here is a drill to help you achieve this, when next at the driving range place an empty box of balls directly in front of the target a grip length in front of the teed up ball(refer to the picture above), the goal is to try not to hit the box when driving the ball, this will give you a visual and feedback on how to hit up on the ball.

Any questions don’t hesitate to get in contact with me on either: Phone: 0272542204 Email: Website: or touch base at the club when I’m in

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