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Moving pressure moving the needle

Hi team

It's been a little while since my last post, here is a little insight into how moving pressure can affect your angle of attack. This is an extreme example but with the data I have collated over the years I have seen a trend of most erring on this side rather than the other.

Here is some photos of New Zealand Long Drive Champ and how we made some changes to increase distance

If look at the numbers in the screen of the BodiTrak tab you will see 70% of his pressure is in the trail foot (right foot) and 30% in the lead foot at this point in the swing (shaft parallel. This is great for the average golfer to replicate but for this golfer we need to max this out by shifting earlier to increase his speed and launch numbers with little regard to accuracy.

Here he is with his pressure 53% into his lead foot at lead arm parallel, this is good for the average golfer but we are after more. This is a good example for most golfers to follow.

Here is his FlightScope Numbers with me highlighting the AOA which means angle of attack. He is positive 4.9 up on the ball at the point of delivery. The worlds longest drivers are generally positive 9 up on the ball. This can help to lower the spin and max out distance.

Here is the change I helped to make, if you look at the BodiTrak tab now you will see 94% in the trail foot at the same point in the swing. Its an earlier shift of pressure to the trail foot to allow for an earlier shift in the transition.

Here you can see the change in shift of pressure into the lead foot. The pressure is now at 95% at this point in time of the swing compared to 53% previously. Which impacts in the AOA

Here you can see the change in AOA to 9.4 degrees, this will help to decrease his spin and increase his carry distance.

If you would like to increase your driving distance feel free to get in touch with me.

Thanks for having a look at my case study

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