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Angle Of Attack

Hi all, I hope you all enjoyed my swing match up article and seen some improvements, this week I will be helping those that hit their irons well but their driver not so well or vice versa, this is commonly due to angle of attack

Golf Coaching Lessons North Shore Auckland Spine Tilt

In driving the ball we tee the ball up off a tee, doing this we need to change the dynamics of the angle of attack of the clubhead leading into impact (because the ball is no longer of the ground). If we applied the same swing with a driver as an iron this would most likely result in too much backspin. A telltale sign of this problem is when you have scuff marks on the top of your driver. Hitting down with your irons to some degree is good (right side of photo below), but with the driver, you want to sweep it, to do this alter your set up slightly so that you tilt your spine away from the target(left side of the photo) to create the desired ascending angle of attack.

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