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How to improve golf swing hip movement

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Hi all, this is the start of a new blog edition to my website that I also publish in the Pupuke golf newsletter where I give out tips to improve your game. In the swing principles that I go by I would like to help you kickstart your backswing.

Hip movement

Unlike in other sports where the ball is moving, in golf the ball is stationary but this still requires timing. We can make timing easier or harder by the way we move our hips.

In the photos above the red line on the player represents where the back leg was at address, in the perfect world that line and leg combination should be the same at the top of the backswing (blue shirt) this is ensuring that all the mass of your body weight hasn’t swayed (red shirt) off the ball making it difficult to time all that mass of body weight back to the target side at impact. However I do prefer a pressure shift to the back foot, this can be identified on a BodiTrak mat.

To find out more book a golf lesson through my website or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in contact with me on either: Phone: 0272542204 Email: Website:


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