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Improve Your Path With FlightScope

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Hi all, on a nice Saturday recently I rolled out my big T.V and my FlightScope on the 10th tee at Pupuke Golf course. Those that wanted to have a try had the option, I hope you enjoyed your experience on the FlightScope if you did have a go, and for those of you that didn't get your chance I will be running through something similar in the future.

FlightScope Data

Now that you have had a bit of a taste of the FlightScope data here are some of the improvements that can be made. The photo above shows that the golfer possesses a good amount of club speed(112.9mph) but struggles with a fade or a sliced shot, why he or she hits a faded shot often, is because of a club path of 5.1 to the left and with a face to path of 11.4 to the right. If we change the path to the right and the face to path to the left we would get a draw. This reading is some of the quantifiable data points that can be adjusted to improve your game.

To find out more book a lesson through my website or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in contact with me on either: Phone: 0272542204 Email: Website:


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